KLA successfully recaptured the essence of the Northwest’s natural landscape in the design of this urban courtyard. The playful curvilinear forms, the rich palette of native ferns, trees and shrubs, the use of rock and the varying paving textures create an engaging environment.


Sitka Apartment’s native landscape presents a new sense of public space and a testing ground for native plants in an urban contest. It enhances a comfortable pedestrian oriented mid-block public passageway, a continuation of a concept KLA designed Bridgeport Condominiums immediately to the south.


Bench seating offers residents and the local community opportunities to relax in an inviting setting. The landscape freely winds its way between the buildings and delineates the public promenade while providing privacy screening for plaza level residents. Steel trellis elements over ground floor terraces and building entries help create a pedestrian scale space.


The project is part of Portland’s River District affordable urban housing options.







Pedestrian Promenade Over Structure

Portland, Oregon