Within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area this three acre landscape project exemplifies a regional style of landscape design.


Extensive research into the contextual arid setting with its high winds, fluctuating water levels and extreme temperatures prompted the use of native drought tolerant plants. Rare native grasses and shrubs were transplanted from surrounding grazed and disturbed lands and successfully reestablished and now flourish.


KLA’s design restores the natural aesthetic of the area and builds on the geologic elements of the site. The residence designed by James Cutler and Bruce Anderson is carved into the site allowing the landscape to be integral with the architecture and to reinforce the sense of place. Paths form connections from the house, to outdoor rooms, to the river. The project exceeded the client’s expectations to minimize the visual intrusion of the new home while exhibiting stewardship toward the natural environment.


Cutler/Anderson, project architects







Private Residence