Koch Landscape Architecture is founded on a profound belief in nature and humanity. We bridge the gap between peoples' needs, nature and societal demands.


Our designs revolve around creating, recreating or enhancing a sense of place which is born of nature. The underlying natural forces that are expressed uniquely in each project site whether urban, suburban or rural guide our design approach.  In rural areas, the composition of geology, hydrology, geography, soil and plant life in any specific area help define the essence of that project site and of our designs. We respond to the nature’s composition and choreograph a dynamic human experience. In urban areas our approach may begin with taking stock in the culture of the place, human patterns, expressions of life and work back toward reclaiming and enriching lives by connecting them back to nature; the geology, hydrology, geography, soils and plant life the origin and sustenance of life.


The diversity of cultures across the globe demonstrates this phenomenon. Each culture has a unique natural physical composition which over the centuries and with the interaction of its inhabitants has been slowly integrated into their lives in ways that help them answer the question of spirit, place and purpose.


We honor the spirit, the place and the purpose of each project site and facilitate our client’s personal expression of their life experience, their relationship to nature, their cultural world view, their comfort and a sense of awe.

We use the natural and cultural context to guide our composition of form in functional and humanly beneficial ways.


Our work uses the rich and vital palette of form, texture, color, fragrance, sound and touch to reinforce a meaningful sense of place. Though constantly evolving through a process of natural growth and evolution and decay we attempt to capture the dynamism of nature with a foresight and nurturing care of a parent.


Koch Landscape Architecture strives to facilitate a client’s personal expression and vision of the designed environment whether it a private residential garden or a public plaza. All design expression contained within the values and beliefs of the persons, committee, city or country for who the space is designed.

We guide the process of discovery and make the physical expression reality, intricately detailing and articulating our palette.


Our design process is a dialogue between client, the site and a vision. We bring these elements together in a collaborative process that unifies the vision with reality and reconciles the reality with nature.