Koch Landscape Architecture and the Office of Cheryl Barton of San Francisco collaborated on The Fields Park for Portland Parks & Recreation. The Park, the largest of the three River District parks, is the northern anchor of Portland’s central urban park sequence.


Our goal is to create a park that will endure for generations to come. The 3.5 acre site is designed as an open space for informal recreation with a future pedestrian bridge to the Willamette River Greenway Trail. The diverse needs of an actively growing urban neighborhood - safety, pedestrian flow, programming for adults, children and dogs, plus site restraints such as railroad/street right of ways, brown field concerns and historic connections - are all issues addressed in the design.


Our team has led public awareness meetings and participatory workshops to help define the park’s programming and community concerns. This, along with input from City Bureaus, Portland Development Commission, neighboring developers and citizen groups, formed the building blocks for our final design. Construction is due to begin in 2011. Construction was completed in 2013, adding the final jewel to the string of parks in the Pearl District.









Urban Park, Workshop

Portland, Oregon