As part of the ongoing Lents Urban Renewal Area plan, KLA and PDC collaborated to bring to the Lents Neighborhood a greater sense of civic mindedness, community pride and development supportive streetscape improvements. The Lents Town Center (LTC) Streetscape Improvements Project was set to motion through the established Neighborhood Association, a Citizens Advisory Committee and other stakeholder and community public meetings. The introduction of the Green Line MAX route to the 205 Highway corridor created many new public regional connections making Lents a strategic and appealing location for new investment opportunities. KLA conducted an analysis of prior reports, studies and community input to develop a new language for the public realm. City sidewalk standards were met, funding source budgets were balanced and new streets were created. KLA provided the necessary support for public meetings, design services and analytical reports that paved the way for approval by City agencies and departments. In concert with the project KLA identified priorities among those recommended for inclusion in the right-of-way improvements plan and brought them to fruition.


KLA completed schematic design and design development services for the Foster/Woodstock Streetscape improvements adopted by Portland Bureau of Transportation. Ramona Street, a neglected side street cul de sac, was redesigned by KLA into an enhanced pedestrian dominant connection to the Green Line Max Station platform in 2011.


KLA lead the design charge for the most distinguishing feature of the street improvement plan; the Lents Town Center Entryways / Monuments Project. The design for the Entryways includes a lighted district-identifying landmark monument, pedestrian crossing improvements and striated bands of plantings retained by tapering corten “chevron” retaining walls.  Breathtakingly beautiful day or night, rain or shine, the Lents Landmark sets itself apart from all other projects like it.



Streetscape Enhancements

Portland, Oregon