A chiaroscuro of natural elements borrowed from the context of the Pacific Northwest Coast are choreographed into this ecologically restorative, insightful and playful design. The 20 acre, former clear cut site soars 200 feet above the ocean and Siletz Bay perched within the native landscape.


The luminous glass & stainless steel gabion wall is the pivotal design element. Sixty feet long, the glass wall encloses the sculpture courtyard and helps control wind while creating a spectacle of captured light - a theatrical scrim between man and nature.


Water ripples down textured copper into a pool that reflects the architectural tower entry. A narrow cantilevered deck extending from an aperture in the courtyard wall frames the ocean beyond. Stone paving and crushed granite define undulating plantings; and ocean wave abstracted.


The design was context driven. KLA collaborated with Robert Hermanson AIA to take advantage of the topography, views and the dramatic weather patterns. The landscape provides a variety of outdoor rooms ranging from the enclosed courtyard to simple wood decks with open views to the Pacific and others to intimate gardens with coast range views. Successional patterns in a rolling meadow to the south is linked through discreet pathways. Paramount to the project’s success is the artful re-establishment of native hillside plants which over time will meld with nature to heal this former clear cut site.










Private Residence

Gleneden Beach, Oregon