Marvel 29 Apartments is a full block development at the north end of the historic St. Johns Bridge at the center of the St. Johns retail core. It is the first large scale apartment project constructed in this up-and-coming neighborhood in decades.


The design of the building and the central courtyard borrows a nautical theme from its portside industrial context near the Willamette River. The courtyard uses rusted metal sheeting to embrace the Willamette River’s industrial portage heritage, recalling a shoreline of wood docks, warehouses, ship freight and ship construction. Board formed concrete walls, salvaged wood dock piers, a ship anchor and sections of anchor chains create a unique courtyard décor for all residents to use. A water feature adds to the riverside ambiance as well as the stylish composition of seating niches, tables, chairs and barbecues that welcome daily use.


The courtyard is the first of its kind in the Portland area to include stormwater flow thru planters designed to filter and detain stormwater before reaching the City’s system.  This project exemplifies responsible and sustainable design. The apartment building and courtyard amenities are constructed on top of basement parking garage.  In addition, a small roof top terrace compliments the courtyard’s function and offers spectacular views of the St. Johns Bridge, the Willamette River, and the West Hills.



Marvel 29 - Saint Johns Ivanhoe

Streetscape and Courtyard  Over Structure

Portland, Oregon