The award winning landscape design for 10th @ Hoyt  Apartments is focused on the activation of water in the landscape. This lush courtyard garden is atop a structural slab with car parking below and serves as a common outdoor living room for residents and lunch time visitors.


City of Portland development guidelines for on-site stormwater mitigation prompted the concept of diverting nearly all rooftop stormwater runoff into the courtyard garden. The design of the water features were inspired by ancient Persian gardens, and subtle methods of activating small volumes of water and articulating with texture and light. Storm events naturally activate the courtyard during and for 30 hours after the storm subsides. The water features detain 3,000 gallons of stormwater that would otherwise add to the burden of the City’s combined stormwater system and the potential for polluted overflows into the Willamette River.


The privacy of the courtyard is reinforced by the single portal from the street. Decorative gates, core ten steel and glass, suspended lighting, and the intriguing use of natural stone and plantings add interest and intrigue.


10th @ Hoyt is an innovative addition to the growing awareness and interest in sustainable technologies in the designed urban landscape.



Courtyard Over Structure

Portland, Oregon